What are the Advantages of Pressotherapy Machine 3in1 ?

KMSLASER Pressotherapy machines are designed to provide both medical and cosmetic treatments to help with lymphatic drainage, especially to the legs and stomach. Pressotherapy is a treatment to drain lymphatics, and is a required procedure following any form of contouring surgery on the body. Pressotherapy is similar to a lymphatic drainage massage, but whereas massage is done manually, pressingotherapy is administered with a machine which delivers an appropriate amount of pressure each time. Pressotherapy can be used with wraps for detoxification, strengthening, tone, improved circulation, and increased lymphatic drainage.

Pressotherapy is a treatment said to aid in lymphatic drainage, thus potentially reducing the appearance of arms and legs (because they carry less fluid), alleviating pain and discomfort, and cleansing the body. There is some evidence that massages to drain lymphatics, such as pressingotherapy, may decrease cellulite and free up lymph nodes of fluids that can accumulate following surgery or certain cancer treatments. Pressotherapy is a term used for apperative lymphatic drainage -- a type of compression therapy performed using a lymphatic drainage device, or a pressing therapy machine, and has similar effects as manual lymphatic drainage. This specialized device is the one that is recommended to be used by anyone that needs to do therapy to improve the circulation and the peripheral areas or cosmetics of a therapeutic kind to treat cellulite and lymphatic drainage.  

This professional device is a new device designed to be used in cosmetics, physical therapy, cosmetic medicine, oncology, and angiology to drain and reduce the swelling in veins and lymphatics. The pressotherapy machine 3in 1 focuses on general use applied to the arms, legs and mid-section of the body, in a way that has been mainly developed to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system and circulation in the arm lozcalizada, generating activation of the return circulation (venous and lymphatic), stimulating the reabsorption of interstitial fluids and the drainage of these fluids to the organic filter, making it an ideal choice for all those who want to solve the problems related to poor blood circulation, cellulite or water retention in the most difficult areas. Information about the machine Working principle Air pressure lymph drainage machine This is the latest top version among similar instruments, it can perform full body detoxification massage and foot, shank, hip, abdomen or hand detox massages alone. Also, it can perform the whole exercise from opening the lymph to lymphatic detoxification and also the anthropomorphic design (this is the most important feature of this machine that leads the similar instruments).    

The air chambers operate on more regular basis, in an irregular manner, through the pressure from air, which facilitates the lymphatic flow, draining toxins from body. Regular inflating and deflating, and changing air pressure, cause rubbing of the fat cells and splintering.

The effect is to increase temperature in the extremities of the body at the same temperature in the core c The temperature at which body fat is broken down. Far-infrared emits large amounts of heat energy, accelerates circulation and biochemical reactions, boosts metabolism, uses large amounts of AP, leading to catabolism of body fat. Far infrared functions became popular in weight loss treatments just because of its profound heat effects and physical resonance.    

Far infrared fat reduction treatments may help to boost the Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), the fastest, most natural method of losing weight. This treatment triggers metabolic processes in your body, which helps to decrease and remove cellulite. In addition to losing weight, the pressure therapy machine may also address swelling, fluids, and body fat which may be the cause of serious cellulite.    

Most clients have no problems with their appearance and health, but they wish to get this type of treatment as this pressotherapy machine enhances their condition and wellbeing. Pressotherapy is an excellent relaxing alternative to liposuction that can be combined with the vape therapy treatments to achieve outstanding results.

Equipped with sixteeen air bags, one each for the arms, belly, hips, boots, the machine works efficiently in improving internal circulation and relaxing the body. This airplane is the most popular weight loss multi-function device, combined with the functions of Far Infrared Fat Dissolving, Air Pressure Lymphatic Drainage, as well as Low Frequency Stimulation. The invention of 3-D digital detoxification tools has brought the body-slimming Air Pressure Suit to an entirely new level.    

The treatment technology is highly advanced, operations are precise, simpler, and the use of water and oxygen is completely integrated. Pressotherapy machines are very useful to improve oxygen circulation of body, to repair the tissues of body, the immune system. One function of the lymphatic system is carrying toxins and fats to organs responsible for elimination.

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