What Are the Advantages of RET CET Treatment?

CET and RET RF is one of the physiotherapy treatments called conductive therapy. Radio frequency radio frequency is the latest technology to target areas of the face and body that need rejuvenation. Radiofrequency therapy uses monopolar, bipolar, tripolar, and hexapolar radiofrequency modes to heat subcutaneous dermal tissue with a handpiece that emits radiofrequency waves. With the help of an electric wave of micropulses, the cet ret Thermal rf machine generates heat and causes the body to respond by sending regenerative elements to the area. Enjoy body and face reshaping specialization with cet ret thermal radio frequency options; Suitable for all skin types.    

Reduce body size, break up localized excess fat deposits, and break down stubborn fat and cellulite. By increasing blood flow to skeletal muscles, improving metabolism and eliminating pain. The main treatment for muscle atrophy, skin diseases, joint pain, nerve injuries, bruises.

It is effective for treating abdominal fat, relieving pain, removing cellulite. It is completely painless, develops a deeper heat and affects tissues deeper in the body. The main effect of targeted radiofrequency therapy, pain relief, is the result of muscle relaxation, swelling reduction, tissue regeneration and healing.    

For the 448 kHz radio frequency, other effects can also be obtained without heating body tissues, as demonstrated by molecular studies; biostimulation. At non-heating intensities, biostimulation occurs due to the action of a single current with a frequency of 448 kHz. It can help in the early stages of an injury by speeding up the body's work. As a result, the site receives more oxygen and other healing properties of your body's natural systems.

The device is an electromagnetic current that is delivered to the body through electrodes with a radio frequency of 448 kHz to a radio frequency of 448 kHz. All machines are CE certified, which guarantees their quality and safety. Our machines are under strict quality control to ensure good quality.    

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Yes, we can provide a complete user manual or use video for instructions and applications. Because we fully understand that it will be a big problem if the machine has any problems while working abroad. 

Cap res machine is a non-invasive regeneration procedure that provides visible results from the first session. During treatment, the therapist will use conductive media on the skin to conduct current. After applying CET and RET to the treatment site, a histopathological examination of the skin was performed using an 8 mm needle biopsy. As a result, it was confirmed that both the CET and RET methods used in the experiment in this study generated a temperature that would not cause thermal damage to the skin surface.    

The temperature change after application of the RET probe gradually moved from the skin surface to the fat layer, and the heat was efficiently absorbed by the tissue. In particular, the results of RET showed that RET was more effective than CET in reducing deep fat. Both CET and RET appeared to be safe as they did not cause significant heat damage or skin side effects in each condition.

These results suggest that in all tissues to which each condition was applied, adipocyte cell walls were repaired and heat delivered better with RET than with 30-day CET. Cellular change appeared rapidly after RET treatment, and adipocyte destruction was found with CET. Overall, the values ​​were confirmed to be within the normal range, suggesting that the use of CRMRF (CET and RET) is viable and safe for the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.

Resistive electrical transmission (RET), introduced in 1994, differs from CET in that the application electrode is practically uninsulated, allowing current to be transmitted directly to the patient with less dispersion, thus obtaining temperature rise at greater depth. . . . TECAR therapy as a capacitive and resistive electrical transmission system, which is one of the methods used in diathermy, was developed as a form of deep thermotherapy, provides radio frequency (RF) energy that passes between the active and inactive electrode and generates heat into the human body.

In fact, TECAR therapy is not based on sensing heat "from the outside", but rather by using certain electrodes to stimulate the ionic charges that are naturally present in our muscle tissue. Tecar Therapy offers an innovative physio-aesthetic approach using an adaptive system to treat skin defects such as localized fat deposits.

The action is polyarticular, and RET stimulates intra- and extracellular ion exchange, restoring physiological cellular electrical activity, accelerating the natural mechanisms of tissue repair in a safe and reliable way, the patient recovers as soon as possible. Both acute and chronic pathologies are fundamental, the goal of treatment is to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate the healing process of tissues. RET focuses energy on all hard tissues such as joints, tendons and bones.

 Both automatic and manual application in natural thermal mode generate concentrated heat in the treated area, which causes the activation of metabolism and increased microcirculation. Exposure to heat and thermal movement also enhances blood and lymph microcirculation, helps to remove toxins faster, and foam forms under the skin to help the body stay healthy.