What Can Microdermabrasion Machine Do?

The Diamond microdermabrasion machine is a quality product at an affordable price and is definitely an indispensable equipment for cosmetologists,  dermatologists and other clinical professionals. What's amazing about this machine is that it has superb suction - 76cmHg. - which can be freely adjusted according to the type of skin and the problem you have to face.

The suction power can be adjusted and includes a variety of diamond nozzles, which can effectively deal with any unpleasant skin situation. You don't have to worry about cuts or marks left by diamond tips as this machine is based on the patented Diamond Safe 3D vacuum technology which ensures gentle treatment even when used on more sensitive skin types.

This model comes with 3 sticks and nails. The Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion uses a suction wand to stimulate the skin and a rough diamond-encrusted tip to remove an even layer of dry skin. At the same time, diamond spinel microdermabrasion is considered ideal for professionals treating a variety of skin conditions, as you can more easily control the precision of exfoliation, pressure and suction.

 Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that uses crystals and diamond tips to remove various skin impurities. Microdermabrasion uses crystal and diamond tips to exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores to even out skin tone, while stimulating blood flow for youthful, radiant skin. Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of skin where dead skin cells are located.

Microdermabrasion uses fine crystals or a diamond encrusted tip to abrade the skin layer and vacuum aspiration to remove dull and dead skin cells. Use crystals or a diamond tip to remove the surface of the skin. Microdermabrasion works either by passing a crystal or diamond-tipped wand across the skin, or using high-pressure crystals on the surface of the skin.

Professional microdermabrasion equipment is widely used in the beauty industry to remove skin impurities by abrading the top layer of skin, which is made up of dead cells.

Crystal microdermabrasion machines, on the other hand, work by spraying a mixture of high quality microcrystals onto the skin and then removing them along with dead skin and surface debris using a vacuum suction feature. Be careful to avoid harsh cleansers as they can dry out the skin and make it more sensitive during microdermabrasion treatment. Remember that the microdermabrasion machine will help remove buildup and impurities from the skin, so the initial cleansing process does not require complete removal of dirt. After treating the same area of ​​skin, turn off the microdermabrasion machine and then complete the treatment with some skin care products. 

Microdermabrasion exfoliates the outer layer of the epidermis, providing deep cleansing, rejuvenation and renewal of the skin, as well as the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, which promotes healthy skin. The microdermabrasion processexfoliates the skin and at the same time reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion can help improve the appearance of skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating and rejuvenating skin, and reducing the appearance of acne scars, brown spots, melasma, and pigmentation. While enzymes, alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids provide the same benefits as a professional microdermabrasion treatment in stimulating cell renewal and improving skin health, peels and other chemical exfoliation treatments tend to work deep into the epidermis, while while microdermabrasion provides a more superficial effect. exfoliation of the skin surface.

While clients will notice an immediate improvement after their first microdermabrasion treatment, it usually takes 6-10 treatments on a professional microdermabrasion machine to see lasting results, including visible improvement in skin tone, texture, smoothness and natural radiance. Both crystal and diamond microdermabrasion take about 30 minutes to complete one treatment and patients will need the same number of treatments to achieve the same results with both types of microdermabrasion. If you are wondering when to do microdermabrasion, a good strategy is to choose a specific day of the week for treatment and then use the microdermabrasion machine at home on the same day every week. For example, you can use it every Saturday, which will give your skin a day to heal before returning to work on Monday.

This machine offers 4 probes designed to solve any skin problem. Appolus Premium Diamond is used to treat a variety of skin problems such as blackheads, whiteheads or wrinkles and can be used on the face as well as other parts of the body. With a suction power of 30 cm Hg. Art. this machine is not the most powerful model as a top machine like the KMSLASER Professional Diamond provides suction up to 68cmHg. Art., but it is ideal for home use and skin care. . The 3in1 Hydro dermabrasion Machine  is ideal for technicians on the go or for stationary spa use.

The suction tubes and diamond nozzles are also the same, and the unit comes with the same number of nozzles as the aforementioned Kendal Professional. For those who say they don't have strong suction, they might be made from reptile skin, or they don't have a good connection between the leather and the diamond heads, or maybe they didn't screw the diamond head onto the handle all the way. 

 We specialize in microdermabrasion machines and professional skin care equipment for more than 20 years. KMSLASER is a pure diamond microdermabrasion machine that is a must-have for any skincare professionallooking for a revolutionary new approach to skincare based on years of proven results.

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